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Set of equipment comprising:- 1 FACOM X8000 control device, to be checked;- 1 strobe light, to be checked; - 1hammer + bodywork kit; - 1GROGNARD magnetic armature controller, to be checked; - 1motor lifting hook; 1 load controller , to be checked; - 1rocker arm adjustment key; - 1connecting rod ring reamer; - 1air pressure gauge, average condition;- 1 microfiche reader, to be checked. Service handing over : REGION DE GENDARMERIE - POITOU-CHARENTESDrop-off point: GENDARMERIE NATIONALE8 RUE LOGEROT CASERNE COUSTANT86000 POITIERSTel: 05 49 00 56 75 Contact: M. Jean-Marc BASTIN Visits and collection by appointment