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[RP] Reserved for professionals.PEUGEOT Expert Gazole, imm. CG-954-YG, type XAAHZ8/CUM0D5, serial no. VF3XAAHZ8CZ007879, first registration 26/06/2012, 271812 km. Flow meter, cardan shaft L and R, boom and 2 tyres out of order, distribution to be done. Service handing over : REGION DE GENDARMERIE - POITOU-CHARENTESDrop-off location: CSAG 46/24 RUE DU CHEVALIER DE TERNAY 86100 CHATELLERAULTTel: 05 49 20 17 33 Contact: M. BLONDEAU Pascal Visits and collection by appointment

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