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RP][ACI] [ PRO RESERVE] SKODA FABIA II 1.6 TDI 90 HP, Diesel, imm. DR-181-BV, type M10SKDVP0047869, serial number TMBEJ25J6F3040171, 1st registration 28/04/2015, 116192 km not guaranteed, knocks on ARD bumper, vehicle open with key. The custody fees amounting to 372,36 € will have to be paid by the buyer to the impoundment keeper at the time of the removal of the vehicle.Removal on platform obligatory. Service remitting : TRIBUNAL JUDICIARY OF DOUAI registryPlace of deposit: GARAGE HUBERT444 RUE LEONARD DE VINCI ZI SOMAIN ANICHE59490 SOMAINTel: +33 3 27 92 88 44 Contact: M. HUBERT SEBASTIEN Visits and pick-up by appointment

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