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RP][ACI] [PRO RESERVE] VOLKSWAGEN POLO 75 HP, Petrol, imm. 6KTX81 (NETHERLANDS), type UNKNOWN, serial no. WVWZZZ6RZEY031264, 1st immatriculation 22/07/2013, 223,000 km not guaranteed, damaged interior, vehicle open with key. The collection of missing technical data and the registration procedure are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Re-registration is linked to obtaining a certificate of conformity from the manufacturer and proof of a technical inspection. Service providing : DIRECTION INTERREGIONALE DES DOUANES - HAUTS DE FRANCE confPlace of deposit: ETABLISSEMENTS DELQUIGNIES365 RUE LOUIS DACQUIN 59121 PROUVYTel : Contact: M. DREF Contact the person in charge of the place of deposit

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