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RP] [ACI] [ PRO RESERVE ] AUDI A3 Quattro 3.2i V6 240 HP, Gasoline, imm. DQ-224-HH, type MAU29B1GL867, serial no. WAUZZZ8P04A054592, 1st registration 10/12/2003, mileage unknown, interior and bodywork to be revised, 2 tyres out of order, AVG window broken, vehicle locked without key. Pickup on flatbed is obligatory. Service on delivery: DIRECTION INTERREGIONALE DES DOUANES - HAUTS DE FRANCE confDrop-off location: ETABLISSEMENTS DELQUIGNIES365 RUE LOUIS DACQUIN 59121 PROUVYTel: Contact: M. DREF Contact the person in charge of the drop-off location

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