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RP] [ PRO RESERVE] Batch comprising:- TRIGANO FLR TRAILER, imm. AE-135-GM, type 130213B, serial no. VMD1302TR9R100008, first put into service 29/10/2009, engine problem, compression out of order.- TRIGANO FLR TRAILER, imm. AE-162-GM, Type 130213B, Serial No. VMD1302TR9R100004, 1st circulation 29/10/2009, engine running, electronic problem. Service handing over : DIR DIRECTION INTERDEPARTEMENTALE DES ROUTES - NORDPlace of delivery: DIR NORD CEI STEENVOORDE11 RTE DE WATOU 59114 STEENVOORDETel: 0328442934 Contact: M. BUTAYE ROLAND Visits and collection by appointment.

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