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[RP] iPad APPLE, 13 units: - Pro, A1670, 12.9' No. DLXW90BRHPJ4 ,- Pro, A1652, 12.9' No. DLXQR3SGGMWS ,- A1980, Serial No. DMPZ1C2UKD6L, -A1709, Serial No. DLXV237JJ2D1, -A1674, Serial No. DMPSK02YGXQ5 ,- Air A1567, Serial No. DMPS3710G5YL, - Air A1475, Serial No. DMQM84HUF4YD ,- 2 Air A1474, Serial No. DMPLW7VTFK15 and DMPLV3F7FK17 , -2 A1822 serial no. F9FTJ2ZQHLF9 and A1416, serial no. DKVK80BNDJ8V ,- Mini A1432, serial no. F4LK43KTF193 ,- A1893, serial no. F9FYKHSNJF8J. Without connectors. Not tested and not emptied. Items may contain data concerning the privacy of their former owners. The purchaser undertakes not to divulge these private elements and to empty or have emptied, under his responsibility, the internal memories of the objects before any use, transfer or transmission thereof. Reserved for professionals.Place of deposit: MAGASIN DOMANIAL BORDEAUX23 RUE JULES FERRY 33200 BORDEAUXTel: 05 56 24 86 84 Contact: MESPOULEDE Arnaud By appointment. No sending possible by post or courier.

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